FourSevens System Requirements & Getting Started

System Requirements

ArcGIS Pro version 3.0+ and the .NET Desktop Runtime 6.0+ x64 are required and must be installed prior to installing the FourSevens Add-In.

If you do not have ArcGIS Pro, you can get it by contracting Esri here.

FourSevens Add-In requiremenrts matche that of ArcGIS Pro and does not have any additional requirements. The requirements for ArcGIS Pro can be found here.


Getting Started

Download and Install

To download the FourSevens Add-In for ArcGIS Pro, please visit and log in using your AGOL account. You can find the app by simply searching "foursevens" under "Products".

Click the app listing to open the details page, and click "Get it now". You will be asked to agree to Esri and GEOGRAPH Terms and Conditions, and to provide some user information that will help us serve you better.

Once the add-in has been downloaded, you will need to run the .esriAddinX file. This will bring up the installer shown below.

Once the Add-In is installed, it will appear under the new "Telecom" tab in ArcGIS Pro.



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