FourSevens Lifecycle & Revision History

Product Lifecycle

Version Release Date Software Support Technical Support Retired
1.1.0 7/2022 7/2022-1/2024 1/2024-7/2025 8/2025
1.0.3 1/2020 1/2020-1/2021 1/2021-7/2022 8/2022
1.0.2 10/2019 10/2019-1/2021 1/2021-7/2022 8/2022
1.0.1 8/2019 8/2019-1/2021 1/2021-7/2022 8/2022
1.0.0 7/2019 7/2019-1/2021 1/2021-7/2022 8/2022

Revision History

Minor Update: (v.1.1.0) (Note: Breaking changes)

  • Updated the Add-In to support ArcGIS Pro 3.0+ requiring a change to .NET Desktop Runtime 6.0+.
  • Corrected a situation where a null reference caused ArcGIS Pro to crash.

Incremental Update: (v1.0.3)

  • Updated the tool to remove the maximum contractual upstream and downstream values to account for new requirements by the FCC.
  • Updated images/icons for the tool to match new GEOGRAPH branding.
  • Changed the name of the tool from "GeoGraph Telecom add-in for ArcGIS Pro" to "FourSevens"
  • Restored target .NET Framework version to v4.6.1 to match ArcGIS Pro 2.4 requirements

Incremental Update: (v1.0.2)

  • Updated target .NET Framework version to v4.7.2 to be compliant with latest security protocols.
  • Updated add-in name and general branding information

Incremental Update: (v1.0.1)

  • Updated interface to have better compatibility with ArcGIS Pro's Light and Dark themes.

Initial Release: (v1.0.0)

  • Implemented initial FCC Qualification Wizard reporting tool to allow users to export CSV data for Fixed Broadband Deployment Reports with the ability to provide less 'clean' data as input to the tool and map those values to the input values required by the report.
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