Downloading and Installing an Empty Geodatabase

  • Download the folder which contains an Empty Data Model geodatabase
  • Set the Projected Coordinate System
    • Go to ArcCatalog (standalone app located in the ArcGIS folder under the Windows Start Menu):


    • Navigate to your CrescentLink geodatabase and expand it in the left pane so you can see sdm_CrescentLink, which will likely be at the top of the expanded contents.
    • Right-click sdm_CrescentLink and choose Properties. The Feature Dataset Properties window will open

    • Click on the "XY Coordinate System" tab
    • In the box, expand Projected Coordinate Systems, and then expand State Plane
    • Under State Plane, scroll down until you see NAD 1983 (US Feet)


    • Expand this, and find the most appropriate description for your map’s location (ex: “NAD 1983 StatePlane Alabama East FIPS 0101 (US Feet)” would be appropriate if you are working with a map of eastern Alabama)
      • Note: If you are moving your data into CrescentLink’s Sabal Data Model (SDM) from another system, you should be able to get its current coordinate system from your current data platform, whether CAD or another GIS. This will be the coordinate system you will need to use in CrescentLink as well, for maximum geospatial accuracy of your data.
    • Click to select the appropriate coordinate system
    • Click Apply and OK
    • Close ArcCatalog
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