Installing CrescentLink for Desktop Software

  • You will first need to install ArcGIS for Desktop 10.4 or newer. An Advanced or Standard version will be required if you plan to use edit capabilities in CrescentLink. (If you do not currently have access, you may need to consult with your IT department and/or your Esri sales representative)
  • Create a GEOGRAPH account - This will be used to log-in to the CrescentLink Desktop software once it has been installed
  • Download and Install CrescentLink Desktop
  • Extension Setup
    • Open a map document in ArcMap.
    • Click the Customize menu at the top, and choose Extensions. . .
    • Check the checkbox for each desired CrescentLink extension.
    • With a map document open, click Customize again and this time choose Toolbars.
    • In the resulting menu, ensure CrescentLink is checked.
    • Sign in to CrescentLink from the CrescentLink menu on the CrescentLink toolbar.
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