Creating a GEOGRAPH Administrator Account

In order to manage CrescentLink Desktop licenses, we must first create an Administrator account. If you do not already have an admin account created, please follow the steps:


1. As the administrator for your organization, please submit a request containing your First Name, Last Name, and Email Address to


2. A GEOGRAPH representative will then send an invitation email inviting you to sign up for your new GEOGRAPH account.  If you do not receive the email within an hour after requesting an account, please check the email spam folder and/or let us know right away. The email should look similar to the one below.



3. Once you’ve clicked on “Create My User Account”, you’ll be directed to the screen below. Fill in your information, including a password. Please note that the password must contain 10 characters including a lowercase letter, an uppercase letter, and a special character. After accepting the terms and conditions, click “Sign up”.



4. After step 3, you will be prompted to verify your email by clicking on the button “Confirm Email Address”.



5. After your email is confirmed, you will be able to sign in and complete your Personal and Contact information.



6. Once the administrator account has been set up, the organization's license administrator will have the ability to add users, edit user details such as title and phone number, and assign or rescind licenses using the GEOGRAPH Admin App. To learn more about administering GEOGRAPH accounts and licenses, please visit our Step by Step Guide.


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