How to Quickly Add Equipment to Multiple Locations

Add Equipment Tool

Must be in Edit Mode

The Add Equipment utility can be used to add equipment from templates to one or more selected splice points in a single operation. To use the Add Equipment utility, follow the steps outlined below:

  1. In the map, select the splice points you would like to change in the map.

  2. Choose “Add Equipment” from the CrescentLink menu to open the utility. 


    Note: The selected splice points will display as red in the list if they already contain equipment of any kind, and black if they do not contain any equipment. New equipment added with this tool will not overwrite the existing equipment even if they share the same template values.


  3. The selected splice points will appear in the top-left square of the window. There are options to help refine which of the selected splice points appear here after opening the window. These options can be accessed by right-clicking on a splice point in the list. The first option, “Selected Only”, removes the splice point that the user has selected. The second option, “All with Equipment”, is for removing all splice points that already contain equipment (red). 


  4. Equipment can only be added from a template. Follow the link below to learn about creating templates with Network Manager:

    To add equipment, right-click in the bottom-left square of the window and select the template you would like to use. Continue doing this for each equipment template you would like to add.

  5. If you mistakenly added a template and would like to remove it before clicking Create, right-click on it and select Remove Equipment.

  6. The equipment template selected will be listed in the bottom-left square while its attributes can be previewed in the bottom-right square. To proceed with adding the listed equipment to the selected splice points, click Create.
    Note: The new templates will be applied to all splice points selected. Depending on the size of the selected features the process may take a few moments to complete.
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